blood stasis constitution


Introduction to bloody constitution The main symptom of blood stasis is poor blood stasis, mostly due to long-term depression of emotional will, or long-term cold areas, and visceral dysfunction caused by the body is thinner. basic knowledge The proportion of illness: 0.005% Susceptible people: no specific population Mode of infection: non-infectious Complications: blood deficiency


Bloody constitutional cause

The blood stasis is the systemic blood flow is not so smooth, there is a potential blood stasis. In the case of cold weather and unbalanced mood, it is easy to have blood stasis or blockage, that is, blood stasis. In what part of the sputum, what part of it will be dark blue, pain, dry itching, swelling mass, of course, the function of this part will also be affected.


Blood stasis prevention

1, sports

More exercise, cardiopulmonary function is evoked to help dissipate congestion. However, people with bloody sputum in middle-aged and old age should not participate in sports that are intense, explosive, and competitive.

2, emotions

Mental health is especially important for blood sputum. Blood stasis caused by liver qi. The typical blood sputum, the vast majority is emotional, and the heart is not bright. A lot of people who are optimistic and cheerful are involved in group activities. Cultivate some interests, immerse yourself in a hobby, and experience the fun of gathering and concentrating.

3, living

It is very important to go to bed early and get up early. The blood stasis is mainly because the liver is not comfortable, and the liver can be renewed before going to bed. The key to maintenance is spring and early morning. In the spring and morning, the yang is born with hair and more stretching activities. Pay special attention to keep warm in autumn and winter.


Blood stasis complication Complications

Can be concentric with blood.


Bloody constitutional symptoms Common symptoms Severe pain, bloody dysmenorrhea

When blood stasis stagnate in a part of the viscera and meridians, it is painful, the pain is fixed, the temperature is not reduced, and even a mass is formed. This type of person, some people have seen age spots in the next year, some people often have pain in a certain part of the body, such as: women are prone to dysmenorrhea during the physiological period, men have more bruises, the body's pain is aggravated at night, etc. .


Bloody constitution check

Blood routine and urine routine examinations are available.


Blood stasis diagnosis

Diagnosis can be performed based on clinical performance and laboratory tests.

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